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A Warning
Apostasy in the Early Church
Bhagavad Gita
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Casteism in India's Society
Communal Harmony

Cycle of Birth

Development of Papal Power
Distortion of History
Early Civilizations

Evidence in the Hinduism
Holes in Vedic Valley Theory
Indian Scripts
Indus Valley Civilization

Is the Pope a Hindu?

Mark of a Christian

Mahayana Buddhism
New Age Movement

Nun's Nightmare
PUCL Report

Reformation Movement
Reliability of the Bible

Restoration Movement
Rise of Denominations
RSS Circular

Spiritual Mapping

Spread of Denominations
Standing in the Gap

Taproot of Racism

The Early Church
Varnashrama Dharma

Vedic Valley Theory
Vedic Religion, Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian?
Vishwa Hindu Parishad
VHP and Charity

Voices in India

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  • To realize Truth, mankind need a Standard through supernatural Revelation or Scriptures. After analysis, only the Bible from Genesis to Revelation remains as the Standard for all mankind. They are the Holy Scriptures and are the written reliable witness to God's revelation. Every portion of Scripture has its particular place in God's total revelation and Jesus Christ is the focus and supreme revelation of God, He is the Living Word.
  • In the world religions many portray the incarnation of God, and this is often referred to as avatar. However, when we historically analyze these portrayals, we find that only Jesus Christ is the true avatar of God and the others developed by syncretism.
  • A Christian is a disciple of Jesus Christ who is willing to deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Christ. A disciple is distinct from the multitudes who followed Christ for self gain.
  • The Church is the body of Christ, it is a fellowship of Christians who are bound together by Jesus Christ and His Word. It is an organism not an organization. However, looking at early Church history, we see that it quickly degenerated into an organization run on worldly principles and wisdom.
  • True conversion is the change of one's religious viewpoint after being convinced of the Truth. This is a fundamental right of any individual, and this right should never be curbed. However, coercion or deception to change of one's religious viewpoint is wrong. Conversion is the voluntary change of ones religion and Article 25 of India’s constitution preserves the right of any individual to freely profess, practice and propagate ones faith.
  • The major world religions today are Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. Amongst these only Jesus Christ shows a clear path for Salvation, and certain Christian truths found in the other religions have been syncretised from Christ and the Bible.
  • In the dark ages following the collapse of Harsha's kingdom (7th c AD), the history of India was twisted and deceptively portrayed by mainly the Brahmins, with the intention of self elevation, preservation and oppression. Certainly even though every Brahmin may not be individually involved, the general Brahmin community reaction has been one of indifference to the deception, manipulation and oppression.
  • The recent discovery of the Indus Valley civilization in 1920, which pre-dated the earliest archaeological sources, has caused scholars to re-examine their views on the different phases of Indian culture. However, certain communal forces who operate by deception have hindered these efforts.
  • In India, communal forces like the VHP portray Christianity as a foreign religion, but the origin and development of Sanskrit is clear infallible proof that Mahayana Buddhism and Hinduism developed under the influence of Christianity.
  • Satan has many voices to blind the hearts of mankind against the gospel. He deceives men and women in these religions with a lie that their religion is very ancient and is the mother of all religions. Religious organizations like the VHP raise massive funds at home and abroad under the guise of charity, but use it to promote violence, communal hatred and historical deception. They have started to preach that "Conversion is violence on Hindus and Hinduism" and it is such teaching that has given rise to the recent increase of persecution on Christians.
  • Satan uses Monism and Cycle of Birth to deceive the nations. Scholars indicate that early Indian Christianity was enslaved by these philosophies and today the Church is being threatened by the New Age Movement with the same.
  • The first step in the deception of many cults is to make the person embrace a monistic world view. This does not come through cognition of truth, but rather through mystical experience.
  • Today's global aryanism has its roots in brahminism. The law of brahminsm is Manu or Varnashrama Dharma or the law of the caste system in India. The word varna means color and the fundamental degradation of mankind was based on ones skin color. The caste system was implemented by the vedic ancestors in collaboration with the Rajputs sometime after the 8th c AD in India.
  • Manu Dharma is the root of Racism (based on ones color) in the world society. Racism arose in the world society as a well-developed theory only in the 19th century, even though it has been prevalent in India in the form of the caste system from about the 8th century. If racism was prevalent in Shakespeare's day, he would not have written his play Othello which portrays a black man marrying a white woman in the 17th century! Racism in the world society was birthed when Manu Dharma; or the Laws of Manu devised by the Brahmins was translated into English.
  • India and China were the most affluent regions in the world till about the 19th c AD. When the British came to India for trade, they deceptively took control by setting Indian against Indian, assisted by the Brahmins. This completely destroyed India's moral fibre and ruined its economy. The Brahmins worked with the British to take control of India. They were quick to portray Manu Dharma (the law of the Caste System based on ones skin color or varna) as the Hindu law, and through the translation of William Jones this poison entered the society of the world. Racism is destructive to the world society and it is the responsibility of every Christian to be a salt against this poison.
  • If racism is to be eradicated, there must be specific and coordinated action both within the organizations themselves and society at large, particularly through the educational system from pre-primary school, upwards and onwards. (Case of Stephen Lawrence)
  • Communal harmony is the essence of every society, though without Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, there can be no peace. However, the Bible is very clear as to the responsibility of Christians to stand in the gap for their nation. 
  • As salt every Christian is responsible for the greed and selfishness of their nation and leaders. Today this is extremely relevant to the American Christians, where the US-Iraq war is a pathetic example of greed and apathy to human suffering. If Christians in America do not rise to stand in the gap for their nation, it will surely reap what it is sowing - a hundredfold.
  • In World War II though many may consider England as a liberator, they were also occupying nations, plundering their wealth and ready to massacre and destroy when questioned or opposed. They have been labeled as the biggest drug trafficker of all time (please see Time Asia article also)! 
  • Righteousness exalts a nation, but when people reject God and His ways, it leads to slavery and destruction.
  • In these last days, God is casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

Christians, God will hold us responsible if we do not stand in the Gap for our nation (Ezekiel 22:23-31)

Click Here for complete research in PDF format

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