The Anonymous Hindu, Around the World

An anonymous Hindu writes,

A Sincere Message to the Christians of India

Three reasons why you have been the victims of the greatest hoax in world history …

  1. Jesus Christ never existed.
  2. The Gospels are later fabrications created by Christian propagandists.
  3. Every Christian priest from the Pope down to the street corner evangelist thumping the Bible is an impostor selling self-interest as "salvation".

This is the result of fifty years of research by the world's greatest Biblical scholars and historians following the discovery of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

Here are some examples of what some of the world's greatest Biblical scholars are saying after studying the Dead Sea Scrolls:

… the passion of the messiah [Crucifixion of Jesus Christ] was a common expectation and not a historical event. (Neil Asher Silberman, author of The Hidden Scrolls)

As far as details in the New Testament record of Jesus' life is concerned, the scrolls give added ground for believing that many incidents are merely projections into Jesus' own history of what was expected of the Messiah. (John Allegro, author of The Dead Sea Scrolls)

The personification of this concept [or the persecution of Christ] in the Gospel presentation of the Messianic events in Palestine in the first century is a most revolutionary development… that has not ceased exercising its influence on mankind even now. (Robert Eisenman, the world's greatest authority, author of Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered)

so, THIS is the truth about Christ and Christianity - and not what some Bible touting evangelist whose livelihood depends on your believing him tell you. People in the West have realized this and Christianity has collapsed as a result.

The die is cast. Let us understand the real truth instead of following a falsehood presented as TRUTH. The West has come to terms with it. It is time that India did too. And unlike in the West where the collapse of Christianity has left a vacuum, Indian are fortunate in having their own matchless civilization to fall back upon. Truth holds no fears for them. They can return to their ancient roots.

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