Mr. Brahm Datt Bharti, New Delhi, India

Mr. Bharti is the secretary of Hindu Writers' Forum. In a letter to me he writes,

The Bible says that there is only one life. George Bernard Shaw says: "The Bible is hopelessly pre-evolutionary." Dean Farrar says: "The Bible is a barbarous book, written in a barbarous age for the barbarous people." The "one life" theory of Christianism is not very much different from the communist saying that eat, drink and be marry.

The salvation theory unfolded in the Bible has no legs to stand upon. If there is God (call by whatever name you choose) it would only be a foolish God if He planned and wanted to run and manage His creation in a straight line. Everything in the world moves in a circle (cycle). God devised and wished it so in His omniscient wisdom. Water gets evaporated, rises to the skies and comes down in the form of rain flowing into the ocean once again to go up. What would happen if it did not happen? The seed sprouts and griws into a mighty tree which again throws the seeds to the ground; the hen lays egges and the egga becomes the hen. God does not have manufactory every time the produce new sets of trees and human beings or water. God is the greatest engineer, designer and omniscient Being and He designed His creation in a manner that it keeps sustaining itself by itself continuously.

Let me quote an example, but before I explain further I must it say and I am sure you will agree with me that God has always wanted His creation to be, and live, in a state of happiness, well being and to flourish. Let us suppose a great metropolis like Delhi, London, Tokyo or New York is being served by a circular (rail) transport system. A commuter who boards this train in the morning and travels in compartment marked X gets down at his or her destination D. In the evening after days work he or she again boards this circular train and gets into the same compartment X. He or She is bound to find the compartment as clean or as dirty as he or she had left it in the morning. During the day other commuters would have either made it more dirty or more clean. Similarly a man or a woman (human) would find the world either as dirty or as clean as he or she left it on death or he may find the world more or less habitable on his or her re-birth. That is the only way the world can improve. If everyone knew that he or she will have nothing to do after Biblical "one life" he or she will not bother to leave the world in a better position than he or she found it on his or her first arrival!

Christianity teaches, as you have admitted, that there is only "one life" and as a result they (who so believe) do not bother to do anything to improve the world to be able to leave it in a slightly better state than they found it on their first arrival. Max Muller also said: "I believe in the continuity of self. If there were an annihilation or complete change of our individual self consciousness we might become somebody else… . Personally I have no doubt of the persistence of the individual after death, as we call it. I cannot imagine the very crown and flower or creation being destroyed by its author." It needs reflection, meditation and honesty to admit that there is life after death (re-birth) and that there must be some thing apart from physical body that was before death and that remains after death. The Gita has elaborated this point at length. Will the faithful Christians rise from their graves even though their bodies would have become dust? (What did St. Acquina say?)

The Church was successful in spreading the canard that there is only one life because she had grown politically too strong to be resisted and refuted by anyone during the dark age. I do not claim infallibility either for myself or for the re-birth theory (transmigration) vis-a-vis "one life" preached by the Church. Nevertheless, I do strongly feel that the re-birth postulate is the only most rational, logical and scientific explanation ever offered by anyone.

I wield no cudgels against the Church on this score but if the Church tries to push this theory down the throats of unwilling or less informed people, I have, I feel, every moral right to tell the Church and its missionaries that they are utterly mistaken and misguided. May Jesus help them to see light!

In another letter, he further writes, 'I too can ask questions and I want you to give honest and straight answers after consulting your STANDARD - the Bible,

  1. Was not Jesus a bastard child? Joseph the husband of his mother was not his father?
  2. Did not Lot indulged in incest with his two daughters and produced two children? (Bible. Gen. XIX : 30-38). Are you one of the progeny of Lot?
  3. Why should a new born non-Christian baby who dies in infancy suffer eternal hell fire?
  4. Did not Jesus confess: "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword" (Mt. X : 34). How do then give him the nickname of "Prince of Peace" and "Prince of Love"?
  5. Is not the oath of celibacy which the Roman Catholic priests take a clever cover, usually, for committing adultery, sodomy and fornication in and outside the confessional?
  6. There are several religions e.g. Confucianism; Buddhism; Judaism; Jainism; Hinduism; Sikhism; Taoism; Mohammedanism; Communism; Marxism et al. How did the religion of your STANDARD - the Bible come to be known as "Christianity"?

In their pamphlet Hindu Writers' Forum state,

HINDU WRITERS' FORUM was founded with the sole aim and purpose of coordinating the efforts and pooling resources of writers who can effectively lend their support and make use of the written word to shake the Hindus out of death-like stupor.

We need help from all quarters-in men and material. The least that we at HWF expect from you is that you will become a member of HWF. Your donations too will be welcome and these will go a long way in meeting our monetary needs because HWF is going to file more than one writ petitions in the Supreme Court to protect Hindu rights and to serve the Hindu Cause. All donations to HWF will be exempt under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act.

Your cooperation will spur us to greater activity and to greater efforts towards achieving the aim.

What is interesting is that such organizations can so easily get tax exemptions under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act when today no Christian organization can get it.

Mr. Brahm Dutt Bharti passed away on 19.5.1997 and our sincere prayers and condolences to his family and friends. However, we have left his writings on the site since it reflects the thinking of so many in our society today.

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