Dated 15th August, 94

Dear friends,

A district-level meeting of Brahmin Samaj was held at Balaghat on 15th August. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Trivedi, an ideal saint of Jabalpur. The following resolutions were passed in the meeting.

  1. Shudra communities means Backward Class like Pawar, Marar, Lodhi, Kasar etc. should be kept involved in the religious affairs so that their attention be kept away from political rights and they always remain slaves and supporters of Brahminism.
  2. The political consciousness that has developed among the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Class and Religious Minorities has threatened the leadership of Brahminism. Hence, such a confusion and conflict be created in them, that they keep on fighting among themselves.
  3. We must go to the people of fourth Varna, Shudras and tell them that the constitution is against Hindus and it must be changed. This awakening must be created and spread in the masses.
  4. Everybody in Brahmin Caste, of any political party like Congress, BJP, Communist and any organisation, social-religious, must gather under one banner to save Brahminism, because the leadership of Brahminism is in danger.
  5. Wrong confusion must be spread among Pawars, Marars, Lodhis (backward classes), Scheduled Castes/tribes and religious minorities (Muslims/Christians/Buddhists) due to which they must fight and kill each other.
  6. Because of the politics of Bahujan Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram) and consciousness of Dalits, the leadership of Brahminism is threatened. To oppose this, we must tell the people that this is the party of Mahars and Chamars only, so that other smaller castes do not join.
  7. The employees of Scheduled Castes/Tribes, backward class and muslims have developed fat in their bodies. Hence they should be physically and mentally tortured and they must be humiliated by paper actions and their work must be carried out by the Brahmin Officers who are occupying high posts, in a secret manner.
  8. The Officers of Brahmin community, who are holding higher posts should spread confusion among the unemployed youths of low castes that only Scheduled Castes and Tribes people are taking advantage of reservation, and posts meant for you are being given to them only, so that they keep on fighting among themselves.
  9. If Brahmin community does not come on one platform to protect themselves and protect brahminism, this will be the matter of great shame and death for them and they will become the slaves of untouchable castes. Therefore to keep them slaves, we must adopt every tactics to protect Brahmins and to retain leadership of the country.
  10. The backward classes should be kept in forefront, by giving the slogan of Jai-Shriram to use them as shield (source) to protect Brahmins and they should be kept confused by religious acts like Gayatri Yagya, Brahmakumari Institution, Satya Sai of Shirdi and the Buddhists should be confused by Shiva-Patra.
  11. If Ambedkarism grows in the country, Gandhism means Brahminism will be finished. Nobody will be there to take the name of Dr. Hegdewar, Golwalkar Guruji, the great men of R.S.S. Hence we must infiltrate in their every organisation and get information secretly, to defeat their every plan.
  12. If the Brahminism is to be kept alive, then we must raise religious emotions and sentiments among the youths of backward classes, to keep them confused and create communal conflicts/riots with the youths of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, so that the children of Brahmins retain their domination, in the Government administration and politics.
  13. To save Brahminism, the ladies of Brahmins should come forward and it is necessary that Brahmin ladies should sacrifice, to protect Brahminism. If one lady comes forward to protect Brahmin, they will get 'Punya' on the basis of Manusmriti.

Friends, the whole thing must be implemented secretly. This letter should not reach in the hands of lower castes. It is a secret letter.


District Level Brahmin Samaj


MULNIVASI TIMES - VOL.1/No.1, Jan.'95, D.K.Kahaparde (Editor)

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