Mr. Sita Ram Goel, Voice of India, New Delhi, India

Voice of India is an anti-Christian propaganda organization located in New Delhi and Mr. Sita Ram Goel holds a key position in it. In a letter to me he writes, 'Our mission is far more modest, namely, to inform our intelligentsia about some minor and mundane truths such as

Our publications deal with and document these truth with the help of Christian sources and modern Western scholarship. In case you want a discussion on any of these, we would welcome your visit.'

However, as our discussions progressed his personal feelings came out in a story that he wrote to me,

"A street dog with running sores crawling with worms all over its body was watching a procession of high breed horses being taken to the King's court. After the procession had passed, this heap of stinking filth announced, 'Don't you know that I have fathered this prized progeny.' People had a big laugh. But no one kicked the dog lest it left some of the filth on their shoes. Harris reminds of that scene when he traces the Gita to that garbage - the Bible."

Many Christians are aware of Arun Shourie and his book titled, 'Missionaries in India'. Voice of India is a key organization that is behind writing and distributing such material. Such organizations, mainly run today by the RSS and VHP, wallow in the literary sewers of the western world, looking for any anti-Christian material. They then project these liberal theologians as leading Bible scholars and blind the minds of educated Indians against Christ and the Gospel.

When Mr. Goel writes that Jesus Christ we meet in the gospels is a dark force risen from the lowest depths in human nature and the New Testament is the First Nazi Manifesto, he has conveniently forgotten that it was Manu Dharma that influenced Nazism, since Hitler claimed that he was from the mythical Aryan race!

In their pamphlet Voice of India states,


Hindu society and culture are faced with a crisis. There is a united front of entrenched alien forces - Islam, Christianity, Communism, Nehruism - to disrupt and discredit the perennial values of the Indian ethos. All who care for India need to know what is happening, and what is to be done if a major tragedy is to be averted.

VOICE OF INDIA aims at providing an ideological defense or Hindu society and culture, through a series of publications. Some of these publications have already been brought out and received wide appreciation.

In this fight for men's minds, our only weapon is Truth. Truth must be told, as much about Hindu society and culture as about the alien ideologies which have been on the warpath since the days of foreign domination over the Hindu homeland.

Every Hindu is invited to help this effort by 1) buying our publications in bulk and making them available to friends who are interested, and 2) by donating liberally to our Truth Fund. No donation is too small or too big for us.

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