Mr. H.L. Prabhakar, Bangalore, India

Mr. Prabhakar in a letter to me writes, 'Since centuries, missionaries of various shapes and sizes have been spreading lies through their poisoned Chalice, particularly in China and India. The mandarins of the Middle Kingdom know how to put the Barbarians of the West in their place. Perhaps we have been too soft : we welcome all religions and now we are paying a heavy price. Only Jews and Parsees are loyal to India and do not point their finger at Hindus. I have just 5 Truths to expose, apart from 22 questions, enclosed separately.

  1. The very foundation of Christianity is weak, after the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, in Israel (1947). It has been proved that all teachings attributed to Jesus are indeed pre-Jesus!!!
  2. Revealed religions have no right to boss over evolved religions. I implore you to read the books written by a fellow Christian Hans Kung. Particularly the book 'The Global Responsibility' will remove the cobwebs from your mind.
  3. Christian missionaries who rode piggy back on the shoulders of the European Imperialists have decimated civilizations like Aztec, Maya & Inca. Hinduism has survived while Greek, Roman and Persian civilizations have vanished. I assure you, Dr. Harris, we will survive for many more millenniums. You need not doubt my statement at all.
  4. You cannot tolerate even fellow Christians. Look at what is happening in Northern Ireland. Protestants and Catholics are cutting each others throats for centuries. Catholic Croatians murdered millions Orthodox Serbs during second world war : it even shocked Hitler! Now Croats and Serbs, together, are murdering Bosnian Muslims , fellow Semites.
  5. In John's Gospel(18:37), Jesus tells Pilate, the Roman Governor who tried Jesus, thus : 'To this end I was born and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the Truth'. 'What is Truth?', asked Pilate . JESUS DID NOT REPLY AT ALL!! When Jesus could not tell what Truth is, it is too much to expect missionaries to know about Truth.

Please close your poisoned Chalice and settle the internecine quarrels among Christian Castes. We had enough of these self-appointed purveyors of Truth and their arriere pense. It is time you stop these pontifical statements on Hinduism. We will search for Truth ourselves.'

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