All religious thought can be classified into two distinct mutually exclusive classes – Monotheism and Monism.

In the 'Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religious and the Occult', by George A. Mather and Larry A. Nichols (Zondervan Publishing House, 1993), the authors indicate that cults typically operate by personal transformation (see New Age),

PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION. Whichever path an individual chooses, several goals are on the horizon. The first is "personal transformation." This entails undergoing a person mystical or psychic experience that will usually result in a paradigm shift from an "old world" belief system to a realization of "New Age" or "Aquarian" beliefs. The first step in this transformational process is to embrace a monistic worldview. Again, this does not come through cognition of propositional truths or creedal formulations, but rather, through mystical experience.

The goal is to embrace a monistic school of thought and this is achieved through seemingly harmless mystical practices like Applied Kinesiology.

Monism teaches that the mind awakes or dreaming moves though maya (illusion) and only nonduality is the final truth. A key underlying practice is to 'tap' into that reality or god within oneself by meditation.

In India, this philosophy historically began with the 7th-century thinker Gaudapada and it was further developed by Adi Sankara into a philosophy called Advaita after 8th c AD. Advaita claims that this truth is concealed by the ignorance of illusion. Advaita teaches that there is no becoming either of a thing by itself or out of some other thing. It teaches that there is no individual self or soul (jiva), only the atman (all-soul). Individuals may be temporarily delineated just as the space in a jar delineates a part of main space. When the jar is broken, the individual space becomes once more part of the main space.

Monism is an atheistic philosophy, and many are deceived thinking that it is a "scientific" justification for rejecting God and His authority as Creator. Monism leads to a series of beliefs about the past and future in explaining facts that are observable in the present. It is a religion since, "religion" can be defined as a concept or system of belief that is held to with ardor and faith. Thus ultimately monism is a religious view concerning life.

Monism quite naturally leads to Pantheism, which teaches that all religious paths lead to the same ultimate end, since there is (according to monism) only one ultimate reality and everything else is maya. This has led many to think that these paths are like rivers that finally lead to the same ocean. This is error since all paths are not the same, and, when two paths contradict each other, both cannot be right.

When God created the heaven and the earth, God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. God saw His creation and it was beautiful and not an illusion. Then the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. Man was created in the image of God, but, was not God. The earth was in perfection as according to God's divine plan. However, Satan tempted man to disobey and rebel against God by saying that (Genesis 3:5)

Ye shall be as gods.

This seduction of Satan is fundamental to monists. Scholars indicate that Adi Sankara, who was also lured into monism, twisted an early Indian writing,

Aham Brahmasmi

This should be translated as, God is in me, but, Adi Sankara translated it as I am God. Man's enslavement to Satan's enticement never change.

The major sects in Hinduism are Savism and Vaishnavism, and both of these are theistic religions developed under the influence of early Christianity in India. However, Advaita which is based on monism corrupted the theistic faith of the Hindus, and many are Advaitans not realizing that they have deviated from their theistic Hindu roots. The term Hinduism was coined by the British about two hundred years ago to classify all worships and religions in India that was not readily identifiable like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc.

When Adam and Eve sinned, evil entered God's kingdom on earth, dividing it again into two kingdoms, kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. Thus dualism is a present reality, and the universe exists in a state of conflict or spiritual warfare. This is revealed by an ongoing conflict between God and His kingdom confronting Satan and his kingdom. This warfare is recognized and described by different people in various ways, some speak of the struggle between good and evil. Others talk of the battle between right and wrong, while others describe it as light against darkness.

In the future God will completely destroy Satan's kingdom, and Satan and his followers will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire in torment, which is God's judgment for them. Satan's greatest weapon to destroy people is ignorance, and monism is his tool to blind men and women to his existence and working.

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