Dr. N.S. Rajaram, USA.

The magazine, The Organiser, is well known as the mouthpiece of the RSS (The Hindu, January 11, 1998, page 10). In an article called, "Christianity's global crisis", published in the Organizer, March 31, 1996, Dr. Rajaram writes,

Christianity, the Catholic Church in particular, is in deep trouble. It is being buffeted by forces from two sides - socio-economic and doctrinal. While the changing economic and political scene in Europe has gone to undermine its economic and social viability, recent discoveries about the origins of Christianity stemming from the revelations of the Dead Sea Scrolls have shaken its doctrinal foundation.

This is what we need to recognize if we wish to understand the desperate moves by Indian Christian leaders to gain Government support as 'dalits'. The Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI) recently issued a directive to the Indian Catholics (numbering some 16 million) to vote only for the party that promises reservations for dalit Christians. It is important to view this not in isolation, but as part of the worldwide crisis of Christianity. It has all but collapsed in the West, especially in Europe. The Church sees expansion in Asia, in India in particular, as its only hope for survival.

The final decade of the twentieth century will be remembered for the collapse of Communism. If present trends continue, the first decade of the twenty-first century may well be remembered by further historians for the collapse of Christianity. This is what came to light during my more than two years of research leading to my book Dead Sea Scrolls and the Crisis of Christianity, to be published later this year in England.

The problems of Christianity spring from two sources: socio-economic, and doctrinal. Christianity is faced with precipitous losses in the number of faithful in the West, accompanied by greatly increased interest in the mystical traditions of the East-Hinduism and Buddhism. Next, the revelations of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in Palestine have led to the collapse of the doctrinal basis of Christianity, the Dead Sea Scrolls essentially show that Christian Scripture, the Gospels in particular, are later fabrications that have nothing to do with the life and teachings of Jesus. According to some of the world's foremost biblical scholars, the Scrolls show the story of Jesus to be entirely a myth created by Christian theologians.

To add to these difficulties, economic uncertainties in Europe following German unification have resulted in greatly reduced contributions to the churches, and therefore to the missions worldwide. The Catholic Church, with its vast organization is particularly hard hit. The Church in India and its official are feeling the financial pinch. This is the reason behind their sudden urgency to get Government support for 'dalit Christians'. They want the Indian taxpayer to make good the Church's losses in Europe.

We can begin to examine this many-sided crisis by looking the situation in Europe and America. In many parts of Rome, the home of Christianity in most people's minds, church attendances are down to less than three per cent. Even more serious are the losses in the priestly professions. Twenty-five years ago, there were 50,000 seminarians (those studying to be priests) in the United States; today there are less than 3000. There are almost none in Europe.

Those seminaries that still remain open have been kept alive by an infusion of candidates from Third World countries like India and the Philippines, Christianity being a communal religion, and not a religion of self-exploration like Hinduism, it is hard to see how it can survive without priests to lead its communal activities.

The problem is particularly severe in Europe. Churches and seminaries are closing almost daily due to a lack of both priests and followers. To take just one example, the average age of Catholic priests in Holland is 65 and still rising! Churches are being acquired and converted into non-Christian religious and cultural organizations on a regular basis. It is a symbol of this transformation that the famous Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in West Kensington, London, used to be a grand cathedral. The most famous new building in England, if not in all of Europe, is the Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden, north of London.

This is compounded by economic problems in Europe, especially following German unification. Not many in India know that European countries levy a two per cent kirchensteuer or church tax in support of the churches. The taxpayer has the choice of the church denomination.

Which he or she wants to support Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant and so forth. One has also the option of not paying the tax by claiming to be non-Christian. Until recently few did so. But now, as a result of severe economic problems in Europe, especially after German unification, more and more people are opting out of paying church tax by claiming to be non-Christian.

Germany, as the largest and the richest of European countries has been the main source of funds for the Church. As far back as 1943, the Vatican's share of the German church tax amounted to 1.3 billion dollars! This is what made the Vatican adopt a pro-Nazi position during the War, and later help many Nazi war criminals escape to South America. This lucrative source is now drying up. This means churches and missions in India are no longer getting much money from Europe With rising economic problems. Europeans-Germans in particular-have enough poor people of their own to take care of. The situation is getting steadily worse. This has sent Indian church leaders scrambling for money. Their best hope is to get reservations as datils.

To compound these economic problems, the Church has also to deal with the blow to the doctrinal foundation of Christianity delivered by the Dead Sea Scrolls. Though little reported in India, this is the most important new development in the world of religion. The Scrolls are manuscripts from the first century of Christianity and earlier that were discovered by archaeologists exploring in Palestine. They show that everything that is claimed to be the unique and original contribution of Christianity existed at least a century before the supposed birth of Jesus. In addition, they throw serious doubts even on the existence of Jesus Christ as a historical figure.

Recognizing this, for more than forty years, the Vatican and the institutions managed to keep a lid on the Scrolls following their discovery in 1947. In 1991, the Church monopoly was finally broken, and the Scrolls were released to public. Upon studying the Scrolls it becomes clear that the Vatican had excellent reasons for keeping them under wraps: the Scrolls show that Christianity and its version of the life and message of Christ given in the Gospels are a colossal hoax. John Allegro, a leading biblical scholar who had studied the Scrolls in the original observed:

"As for as details in the New Testament record of Jesus' life is concerned, I would suggest that the Scrolls give added ground for believing that many incidents are merely projections into Jesus' own history of what was expected of Messiah."

What this means is that the personality of Jesus given in the Bible was created to fit the Messianic expectations of the people. (Christ means Messiah.) Since Allegro first made that observation some thirty years ago there have been major discoveries that lend further support to it. It is now known that everything attributed to Jesus-his message, including the Sermon on the Mount, and even the story of his persecution and death-was taken from the Dead Sea Scrolls that existed at least a century before the date assigned to his birth.

The most recent of these was the discovery said to have been made in August 1995 by Professor Rachel Meyerson of Harvard University. She found a Scroll which shows that even the story of the birth of Jesus was taken from the life of a female mystic known as Jessica. She found that the four Gospels-of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John-had taken passages from this Scroll (which she calls the Jessica Scroll) and presented it as the story of Jesus! According to Professor Meyerson.

" my guess is that, at a later date the original text [of the Jessica Scroll] was divided up into separate gospels by early Christian scholars and adapted to propagate the story of Jesus."

This view of Allegro and Meyerson-that the personality of Jesus of the Bible was a synthesis that represents the Messianic expectations of the people of Palestine living at the time-is supported also by the work of other biblical scholars, notably Professor Robert Eisenman of California. Eisenman, who broke the Church monopoly over the Scrolls is the most influential biblical historian in the world. What all this means is that the Christian doctrine, which the Church has been telling everyone represents the word of God revealed to His Only Son, does not have a leg to stand on. The whole thing is now seen to be a later fabrication of Christian propagandists. Professor Rachel Meyerson put it this way following her recent discovery:

"It become apparent that we were uncovering one of the most awesome deceptions of all time-that a great female mystic [Jessica] had been made over and repackaged as the Son of God [Jesus Christ]."

This is amazing. The Christian myth and the Gospel story of Jesus and his teachings is a complete, later fabrication. No wonder the Vatican tried desperately to cover up the contents of the Scrolls for forty years, a monopoly that was only broken in 1991, thanks to the perseverance and resourcefulness of Robert Eisenman. This is one of the most important stories of our time, but the Indian press has hardly touched it. (The BBC on the other hand has devoted several major programmers to the topic.)

It is to be clearly understood that what we are talking about here are biblical history, theology and politics-and not the personal faith of individual Christians. It is the conduct of the Church and its leaders, especially their penchant for playing politics in the name of religion, that is at issue here. Bishops and other Church officials want to influence the Government in the name of religion. And this is supposed to be based on secularism! In effect, members of the priesthood want to play the role of unelected vote-bank brokers. What needs to be understood is that the real reason behind all this is the impending collapse of Christianity in the West.

The Vatican recognizes all this and sees expansion in Asia as its sole hope for survival. Recently, Pope John Paul II told the Asian Bishops' Conference in Manila: "A new harvest of faith will be reaped in this vast and vital continent." He presumably did not tell them that without this "new harvest" in Asia, their Church is all but doomed. This is the reason behind the Pope's openly expressed hostility to Hinduism and Buddhism: he sees them as threats to the survival of his Church.

By and large Indians seem unaware of this fact that the Church attaches great significance to the conversion of Hindus. The so-called "Thailand Report on the Hindus"-known as the Report of the Consultation on World Evangelization: Mini-consultation on Reaching the Hindus-has chapters like "Biblical Framework for Hindu Evangelization", "Hindrances to the Evangelization of Hindus", "Strategic Planning for Evangelization of Hindus" and others that give a clear idea of its scope and intentions. The report goes on to observe:

"We rejoice in the fact that the saving Word of God preached faithfully by God's servants has brought about a Christian population of 19 million people in India alone. However we are conscious that God longs for the whole Hindu people to know Jesus Christ and live under his Lordship…. The reaching of the Hindu is one of the greatest challenges to the people of God in this generation"

This should leave no doubts at all what the Church priorities and intentions are. And now with the collapse of Christianity in the West, made more serious by the collapse of its doctrinal foundation following the revelations of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Indians can expect the Church and its leaders to become daily more aggressive in pressing their demands. The very survival of the Church-of the perks and privileges of its priesthood in particular-depends on its success in India.

Indians should be aware of all this and not be taken in by Church propaganda.

About the author: N.S. Rajaram has written extensively on ancient history and civilization. The topics presented in this articles can be found discussed in greater detail in the following two books to appear this year: Profiles in Deception: Ayodhya and the Dead Sea Scrolls (New Delhi: Voice of India) and Dead Sea Scrolls and the Crisis of Christianity (London: Minerva).

On September 10th, 1996, Dr. Rajaram wrote to me,

Some of your writings and correspondence relating to your evangelical activities have been brought to my attention. I am writing this because: first, I am an American like yourself, and second, my name has been brought into what appears to me a most unseemly controversy.

First, as a fellow American, I am greatly revolted by your conduct in a foreign country - abusing the hosts while enjoying their hospitality. In your literature you have proclaimed: "Brahminism is dead, repent and Jesus Christ will save you." Such conduct - of abusing minorities - reflects poorly on all Americans and America. What would you and other Americans think of a foreigner in America using similar tactics against American minorities - say blacks of Jews? Would you consider it to be in good taste for some foreigner to come to America and shout: "Judaism is dead"? Perhaps you don't mind, but most Americans would.

If you still feel there is nothing wrong with such behavior, at least be man enough to indulge in it your own name, without dragging in God or Jesus as your proxy. Is this how you believe, one attains salvation?

I should also inform you that as an internationally known writer and expert on Islamic Fundamentalism, I am one of the founders of an international think tank concerned with world affairs. In order to combat the rising threat of terrorism in the Islamic world, America and the free world need the friendship of India with its long history of defending pluralism against the onslaught of Islam. America is totally isolated in this part of the world, especially following the recent attack on Iraq. Antics of people like you will serve to fuel anti-Americanism in India also, something the U.S. can ill afford at this critical juncture. It is only a matter of time before your activities and literary efforts attract the attention of the media. (I may do it myself.)

In view of this, I am bringing your activities to the attention of our ambassador.

In can understand your compulsions; there is no market for your services in America, and as the late Pope John Paul I - an agnostic like myself - once said: "God does not always provide." But let us not for that reason stoop so low as to hurt American interests.


N.S. Rajaram

Cc: The Honorable Frank Wisener; U.S. Ambassador

He then hand writes this note below,

P.S: Please don't bother to respond. I am unlikely to read anything from you.


Kindly view Dr. Rajaram's standard of scholarship in the page titled "Horseplay in Harappa"

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