Dr. K.V. Seetharamaiah, Guntur Dt., Andhra Pradesh, India


Now here is something about Brahminism. You bragged in your indecent letters to Sri. Brahm Datt Bharti that Brahminism is dead. You repeated it ad infinitum.

The ideal man of the Hindu race was the Brahmin. In all the Hindu scriptures stands out prominently this ideal of the Brahmin. Even the greatest princes in India seek to trace their descent to some ancient sage who dressed in a bit of loin cloth, lived in a forest, eating roots and studying the Vedas. It is there that the Indian prince goes to trace his ancestry. What is meant by Brahminness or say Brahminism is that in which worldliness is altogether absent and true Wisdom is abundantly present. That is the ideal of the Hindu race.

If the Brahmin is he who has killed all selfishness and who lives and works to acquire and propagate wisdom and the power of love - if a country is altogether inhabited by such Brahmins, by men and women who are spiritual and moral and good, such a country will be above and beyond all law. No police, no military are necessary to govern them. No body need govern them at all. They need not live under a government. They are good and noble and they are men of God. They are ideal Hindu Brahmins. In Satya Yuga (the other three periods being Treta, Dwapara and Kali in macro cosmic cycle as per Hindu calculations) there was only one caste, it ceased to be a caste. When there are no castes, where is casteism?

According to Mahabharata the whole world was in the beginning peopled with Brahmins. They began to degenerate in course of time and became divided into different castes. When the cycle turns round, they will go back to that Brahminical origin. This cycle is turning now. Thus spake Swami Vivekananda. Please note this.

Every one has to try and become the ideal Brahmin again. The humanity must be raised slowly and gently towards the realization of that great ideal of spiritual man, who is non-resisting, calm, steady worshipful, pure and meditative. In that ideal there is God. In the society consisting of such Godly men and women, the element of external compulsion, the official and the corporal totally absent. In place of physical, political or economic compulsion, the compulsion of spirit. For a more detailed elucidation in this regard, you may refer to the book "Human cycle" by Aurobindo(page : 242, 243)

The Hindu ideal is not degrading those who are already high up, is not running amuck through food and drink, is not jumping out of their own limits in order to have more enjoyment, but it comes by every one attaining spirituality and becoming the ideal Brahmin. The purity of Hindu life lies in Brahminism and Hinduism owes its all to the great traditions that this Brahminism has left.

This is not a Vivekananda or an Aurobindo has told. This is what Hindu scriptures contain. According to 'Guru Bala Prabodhika' a commentary on Amara Kosa, the ancient Sanskrit lexicon, a Brahmin is one who knows Brahman (Supreme God), not one who is borne into a caste. (Brahmin Parabrahmani nishtatwat Brahmanah). Vajra suchikopanishad of Sama Veda defines the word Brahmin in most unambiguous terms thus: One is a Brahmin not because of his birth or caste or heredity or color or profession or acquisition of worldly knowledge or mere observation of social and moral codes, but because of his spiritual knowledge, his abidance in the Supreme Reality, his state of self-realization. This is the conclusion of all Veda, Srutis, Puranas, Itihasas and of all great men of India. Veda Vyasa, Valmiki, Vasishta, Viswamitra, Agastya were Brahmins inspite of their non-brahmin origin. Vivekananda, Aurobindo Ghosh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Lala Lajpat Rai and host of others were Brahmins though they took their birth in a non-brahmin family.

You are a Christian missionary, more appropriately called a Christian mercenary, knowing nothing about Hindu history and traditions except the dirty propaganda and ignorantly feeling that there was nothing worth preserving in Hinduism. How can you know the fact that Brahminism was the one that preserved the traditions and the essence of Hinduism till now - or may be, Brahmins and Brahminical learning are the special targets of you, the Christian mercenaries because striking at them is striking at the heart of Hinduism. Muslim invaders and the British rulers did the same for the last 1000 years. But could they succeed? Even after 1000 years, 85% of the Indian population remains Hindu. Is it not? The attempts of you Christian missionaries are similarly bound to fail and recoil on you.

And so beware of Brahminism, lest it should one day devour you and you ilk.

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