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On August 29th, 2000, a Brahmin from Singapore writes,


I have not seen a bigger propagandist proselytizing Christian than the webmaster of this site. Who has sold his soul to the man who was crucified by the Romans. Oh, ye followers of a dead man, dare not cross paths with the worshippers of fire, because fire cooks and burns too. Hindus are good when you are good to them, and nasty when you utter blasphemies against the most profound truths of the universe.

The Brahmins Rushis of Dandakaranya said, Aham Brahmasmi, and they were right. You are what you believe. And you can never be what you should be as long as you think you are what you are. About the fabricated piece of shit that you masqueraded as the RSS circular, here is what I have to say about it. I would not wipe my ass with that circular, because it is not from the RSS. The RSS is the mother of the hindutva struggle in India. It was RSS who produced patriots like Savarkar and Godse and Apte.

It is the RSS that is in power now, and why? Not because they made an issue of the Ram mandir, not because they made an issue of the nuclear tests and not because they championed the Kargil victory. The RSS is in power today because they are dedicated men who are fashioning the bright future of the country.

Remember one thing, you convert. Religion and society are two different things and they are not responsible for each other. 100 years ago Hindu Brahmins were championing the cause of Sati, but now they will not, because, because society has changed. Sati was never a part of the Hindu religion, it was a social custom. Please understand that carefully. No where do the supreme vedas and the profound Upanishads talk about sati.

There is no sanction for sati in hindutva. Do not mess with Brahmins are they hold the key to the universe. The vedas were written pretty late, but then they were not composed pretty late. The Rveda says that the three original vedas are as old as creation itself. And given a grammatically supreme language such as sanskrit, I have no problem accepting it as the language of the Gods.

About your Samrat ashoka not preaching in sanskrit, at the time of Ashoka Sanskrit was no longer a spoken language, it was a language only of the high class brahmin priests who were smart enough to understand and speak  the language. Since they were hardcore hindus like me, it is no wonder than Ashoka did not preach his sermons in Sanskrit. Anyway, Gaotama Buddha was directly opposed to the vedas, and hence I believe all Buddhists have had a certain amount of phobia when it comes to Sanskrit.

If you want to proselytize, please do so. Don't fucking defame reputed and prestigious institutions like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Brahmin Samaj. Do you know what Rashtriya means? It means national. RSS is a nationalist group, not a communal one. It never has directly supported the cause of Hinduism. It is just representing the cause of the nation. And since 80% of the nation’s population is Hindu, most of the issues tackled by the RSS pertain to Hinduism. If they very so averse to Christians and Muslims, why would a nationalistic government at the center have a Christian George Fernades as a powerful defense minister? This goes to show that the central government and the RSS are both secular and strengthen the moral and communal fibre of the country, while jackasses like you defame them, just so that you get this feeling that you are somehow serving the LORD.

You need a break, buster. Do you really think that Jesus is gonna be happy when he comes to know that you printed lies to get more people to his flock?  What do you think? Why are you doing all this? To serve the lord, or to vent your suppressed anger against the high class Hindus because your forefathers were too lame to protest or something?

The blacks in America were treated worse than you have been, and they have not come up demanding for reservations or any other special privileges, they just asked for equality, and now a black man can walk in DC with his head held high. But most of you low class people converted to other religions instead of putting up a fight, and then started demanding for not equality, but compensation.

The brahmins are in a minute majority. A single uprising would have been enough to crush the supremacy of the brahmins, but you guys never wanted to rise, you wanted to continue your mundane lives of servitude. That is what has led more to you downfall, rather than racist casteist brahmin fanatics.

Tell all your low class brothers, if you want to gain some respect in indian society, give up your reservations, come on an equal playing ground with the higher classes and then let there be a fair fight. The brahmins are the mouth of the purusha and they are the masters of the universe. It is a world of democracy and shudras have a good chance to come on par with the brahmins and become aryans. The texts say, “make the world aryan” Krunavantoh Vishwam Aryam.

The aryans are not a mythical race. The nazis made them a mythical race.  That is why the word aryan is synonymous with racism in the west, but in the east it is not so. We are still referred to as Aryaputras and Aryakanyas by our grandparents.

I am not saying that the aryans were white or anything other racist shit like that, but if you are going to discriminate against us by calling us a race that was mythicised and made a symbol of racial hatred by some caucasian asshole, it is not my fault and I am not going to stop calling myself Arya.

I am open to discussion on religion and politics. Where was your peace-loving Jesus when 75,000 Hindus were massacred by Portuguese catholic fanatics in Goa? Am I to say that Christians are blood thirsty barbarians?  No, because, just because one basket of apples is rotten, does not mean that the fruit itself is no good. Learn to appreciate hindutva through Christianity. Learn the essence of hindutva. Idolatry is not the essence of hindutva. The principle of non-dualism is the crux of Hinduism. ‘I am the son of god’ is not very different from ‘Aham Brahmasmi’. But we did not make that Upanishadic rushi as god. We understood the essence of thr message. You made Jesus into god and failed to grasp the real message. That is the only reason why you are a low class convert and I am a brahmin.

Peace be with you always,

Aum shri hari...

On August 31, 2000 he goes on to say,

All of what you have written in your RSS circular is incredible bullshit. It is, in fact, Christian missionaries in Orissa and Bihar that have been depending on incredible lies to convert low caste Hindus and Muslims to Christianity. The annual Orissa cyclone is being attributed to the killing of the aussie padre in Bihar. If Christianity is a a quid pro quo relationship with God and that is what the Bible teaches, then I refuse to let you associate such stupid philosophy with Jesus Christ, whom we all know, was pretty cool.

I mean, the RSS circular is a joke, Its doing the rounds of Singapore, thanks to me, where middle class brahmins are getting laughs out of it. I hope you provide us with such humor on a regular basis, as we give the Methodists and the Presbyterians here a hard time. Christianity, indeed, is a blind faith. Half of the people don't know why they are doing what they are doing. Sorry state indeed....

Aham Brahmasmi.

Well Christian, how would you respond? Prof. Irfan Habib, an eminent historian, when interviewed by the Hindu (January 8th, 1997) said,

'Historical linguistics, inscriptions and the canons of archaeological excavations mean nothing to our friends in the VHP and the only thing that matters to them is working up religious sentiment.'

Over the centuries scholars like Prof. Irfan Habib have clearly exposed the lies and deceptions of these anti-Christian forces, but the Church has chosen to remain blind to these strongholds of the enemy against the Gospel. The VHP is the religious wing of the RSS.

Another important fact is brought out in the account of the religion, philosophy, literature, geography, chronology, astronomy, customs, laws and astrology of India about AD 1030 by Alberuni (edited by Dr. Edward C. Sachau). He states that,

"The Indian scribes are careless, and do not take pains to produce correct and well-collated copies. In consequence, the highest results of the author's mental development are lost by their negligence, and his book becomes already in the first or second copy so full of faults, that the text appears as something entirely new, which neither a scholar nor one familiar with the subject, whether Hindu or Muslim, could any longer understand. It will sufficiently illustrate the matter if we tell the reader that we have sometimes written down a word from the mouth of Hindus, taking the greatest pains to fix its pronunciation, and that afterwards when we repeated it to them, they had great difficulty in recognising it."

This is a clear opposite to Yuan Chwang's time in the 7th c AD, when this young Chinese Buddhist scholar came to India in search of authentic sacred books which he accomplished. The Brahmins were in total control at this time, and they altered and corrupted the writings to their benefit.

I backed away from OJ due to the language and emotion, however, on September 9th, 2000, he wrote,

Dear Alex,

 You have done what any bible following Christian would have done, given up on me as one taken by the devil and continued with your false propaganda.  What saddens me is that people like you, who cannot stand on logic, can dish it out, but cannot take it. This is because all your arguments are based on what others have said, while all my arguments are based on what I have read.

Your arguments are seeming great because great people have said them. My arguments have been uttered by a poor middle class brahmin in Singapore, no great man, but they still stand, because they rest on irrefutable logic. I have nothing against Christians, I spent 6 years of my life living next to the Roman Catholic Church at Parel. I was in a Catholic creche, a catholic primary school, celebrated Christmas with Christians.

But the ugly face of Christianity wiped out the picture of the loving father in my mind. The stories of the Portuguese inquisition in Goa did not help either. I hope your family did not suffer in the inquisition.  God be with you. Utishta Brahmanaspati.


I responded giving my reasons for backing away and suggested a discussion from a more unemotional standpoint. I also stressed the importance of making a distinction of a true Christian as defined by the Bible from anyone who just labels himself as one. OJ responded on September 11th, 2000,

Agreed to your requirements.

I have only one condition, you must abandon the altruism of the reference during the whole course of the discussion. That is, you shall not use any reference from the Bible to prove the bible, since then it does not make sense.

I agreed. OJ is raising an importance issue here which most Christians fail to comprehend. Dear Christian, do you understand and will you rise from your slumber? This deceptive influences are right there in your neighborhood, are you concerned? Can you give an answer? Are you ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you?

In closing, only the true Christian can say "Aham Brahmasmi", since the correct translation is "God is in me" and not "I am god!", and the right concept is there in the uncorrupted religion of the Hindus as "Antaryami".

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