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Please pray that they would see Jesus Christ like the apostle Paul.

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The Anonymous Hindu

Prof. Irfan Habib, an eminent historian, when interviewed by the Hindu (January 8th, 1997) said,

'Historical linguistics, inscriptions and the canons of archaeological excavations mean nothing to our friends in the VHP and the only thing that matters to them is working up religious sentiment.'

Over the centuries scholars like Prof. Irfan Habib have clearly exposed the lies and deceptions of these anti-Christian forces, but the Church has chosen to remain blind to these strongholds of the enemy against the Gospel. Many organizations mainly run today by the RSS religious wing, the VHP, wallow in the literary sewers of the western world, looking for any anti-Christian material. They then project these liberal theologians as leading Bible scholars and blind the minds of educated Indians against Christ and the Gospel. This is one of the key reasons as to why the Church has been ineffective in reaching the upper class communities.

Many do not understand what Brahminism is. It is racism, oppression and destruction of other races in the name of religion. Social ethics or morality present no barriers, the Brahmin Samaj circular is an excellent example. Religious organizations like the VHP raise massive funds at home and abroad under the guise of charity, but spent on promoting violence, communal hatred and historical deception. Today Brahminism is dead and those in the past who sowed it's seed are suffering reaping the fruits. The only answer is repentance, restoration and reconciliation through Jesus Christ.

In these last days, we need to effectively deal with these lies and deceptions with the historical truths that God has given to us while preaching the Gospel. To their accusations I raised the simple issue of a Standard, since philosophical thinking accepts the fact that error is superseded by indeterminate perception. Not one of them could respond as to having any kind of a written Standard. Each of them came armed with a list of 'supposed errors' in mankind's only Standard, the Bible. However, when I raised the simple question of a Standard (since no one can perceive the Truth without one), they all faded away!

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