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I’m writing articles for my university newspaper as a grad student, and hopefully will be able to start a club against racism, and for cultural diversity! However, I cannot denounce white racism and exclude the racism of the Brahmins and Kshatriyas. I know there is an attempt to reinstate the caste system, but don’t know the name of the principle organization(s) promulgating this. Is Brahmin Samaj the name of India’s "KKK"?

The principal organization promoting racism in the form of the caste system is the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is the their religious wing and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is their political wing. In understanding racism we must realize that "Manu Dharma" is the root cause of racism in the world.

I am thankful for the RSS circular, but I want to tell you something I learned from a former Green Beret. This is written in exhibition drama, like the Protocols of Zion and the tapes of what the Waco cult was saying at the time of their demise. Both the Protocols and the Waco Tapes were propaganda created by their enemy. Exhibition drama is dramatic, and the evil nature of a person is bluntly expressed with no covert rationalizations. Exhibition drama may be able to be used by the Brahmin or any evil group, but it would clearly be by someone who knows they are evil without apology. I do believe these files typify the Brahmin attitude, but before I place them in circulation, how much can you and I be sure of their authenticity. I don’t want to use evidence, which can be later used against me.

I think it was wrong of Geocities to take these pages down. Whether or not these documents were written by Brahmins or not doesn’t change one thing. It defines the Brahmin-Kshatriya attitude I have come across at the university. If a Brahmin didn’t write it, someone who is genuinely afraid of the Brahmins with little evidence to prove otherwise did write it. Your web pages are awesome!

You have raised an important issue. First, this circular has been extensively printed in magazines and books and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has chosen only to ignore it rather than prove its integrity. Secondly, the activities of the RSS/VHP over the years have only reinforced it. Their mission is to preserve brahminism.

Next it is important not to think that every Brahmin is like this, it is only a small segment. However most Brahmins are apathetic to the activities of the RSS/VHP since they serve to preserve self interest. My personal advice is to bring out the historical facts presented on casteism and racism which would more effective to bring people to understanding and change.

I was raised in the opinion that Buddhism and Jainism (I believe to have the same origin) were founded in opposition to the caste system in 600 BC. Surely there were class differences then, but are you saying the caste system wasn’t officially founded until after these religions already existed? Also, do you know the exact definition of a Mleccha. From my perspective, it is like a non-Jew/Gentile, only it is more derogatory. I don’t think the ancient Jewish religion had a caste system, and I don’t think it does now. If I can make a home page, I definitely want to attach a link to your pages. They’re well researched and informative.

I am often challenged on this issue. Mr Sankar Nair from Massachusetts challenged me saying that Megasthenes (3rd c BC) mentions the caste system in his writings.

He also mentions the well-developed caste-system (he mentions 7 castes) existing at that time. All these are definite indications that classical Hindu religion was well-developed by that time.

What Megasthenes saw were groups according to profession: philosophers, peasants, herdsman, craftsmen and traders, soldiers, government officials and councilors. The treacherous caste system matured during the time of the Rajputs (8th – 10th c AD) with the help of adi Sankara's philosophy of monism and the cycle of birth theory.

Also, during the time of Buddha and Mahavir, Hinduism did not exist.

I found your writings very upsetting. They are insulting and demeaning to those of other religions. It is this narrow-minded attitude which fuels hatred and "holy" wars. I can not understand why anyone would write such cruel things.

I am truly sorry that my writings upset you. My only goal is to share the Truth, and sometimes the Truth hurts.

Jesus Christ is "A" light. A worthy light, but only a part of the Greater Light that transcends all religions, all philosophies, all personal beliefs, all lifestyles, all judgements and attitudes.

A New Age thinking based on monism which is in error.

I have seen your page and I am very surprised with low rate of visitors, because the page is fantastic. You can see all the history of Indian religions and more. I am just doing some work (for school) on that subject, and I am very surprised with this hi level page on Internet.

Thank you very much!

(Just keep up the good work)

Thanks, the hit rate is improving.

Thank you for your letter. I have begun to pray and have shared your request with my cell group here to get them involved as well. I will check out the sites that you mentioned. Felt led of the Lord to first see if and where these influences may have infiltrated my own life. I am equally concerned about the apathy and the self-focus of the American church. It seems that we have a "feel good" mentality here. The passion for the God and His Kingdom that should fuel us is sadly lacking, and we seem to be looking for what God can do for us, rather than what we can do with Him to see the Kingdom advanced. In praying for the church here, I believe that the Lord has shown me that we are a people who have no real need, and therefore we are not seeking Him. As a whole, we are content as long as trouble does not touch our lives directly. We are on the precipice of disaster here, but seem to be blinded to it. I do not mean in any way to imply that this is the whole of the Body here, for there are those who see and who are attempting to sound the trumpet to awaken the church. Alarmingly, it seems as though we do not want to be awakened. Even the disgraceful behavior of our President is being excused. I have been in prayer for the church here for some time, and your letter challenges me to increase my fervency!

He will.

I hope I can get my point across to you without sounding rude...I want you to know that my intention is not a negative one in any way, just to let you know how I feel.

I visited your page, while I was browsing through other pages in your neighbor hood. I say the description of your site " in-depth discussion...", and thought it would be interesting. I was correct, but not happy. When I think of "an in-depth discussion" about religion, I picture more than one person, and a description of all qualities of a religion. That is not what your site is about, at least as far as I can tell.

What I saw on your pages, were the thoughts of one Christian, simply "spiced up" with a few well-placed quotes from books. Sure, you do go into in-depth discussions about Christianity, and why it is right for you, but what about other religions. You mention them, but say nothing about the beliefs of the practitioners of these faiths, save for the fact that they should be Christians, or their religion was based on Christianity. And I was really shocked that you would have the nerve to publicly state that "The New Age Movement" is what you say it is, when in fact, the new age movement, as you call it, is a group of very different religions. I happen to know of many VERY religious Christians who are part of the New Age movement.

In the fear that I have taken up too much of your time already, I will end this now. I just want to say that you should do some more research, and not be so unfair to other religions. If this is not what you intend to do, I would recommend changing your page description to "come to the Appius Forum to find out how the other religions compare to the almighty Christianity."

thank you

P.S. I just want to say again, that this is just my $.02, and I mean no harm in my words. I am comfortable enough in my own religion not to be offended by such shallow remarks. I do, however, think that one day, you will really insult someone, and they will not be as nice as I was (or at least as nice as I meant to be : ))

Raven's statement of Christians in the New Age Movement is very interesting. It is very important to understand that cults do not disturb your beliefs, rather they introduce a new philosophy into you - Monism. In the New Age, the first step in their transformational process is to embrace a monistic worldview. Again, this does not come through cognition of propositional truths or creedal formulations, but rather, through mystical experience. Once monism becomes a part of a persons belief, corruption and compromise follow soon after. To offset the fears, manipulation and insecurities, the cycle of birth doctrine is introduced.

The lies you have expressed in your web pages is proof about the hollowness about your religion...

Hinduism is called the Sanatana Dharma meaning the Eternal Religion...1000 years of Muslims & 300 years of Christians were not able to wipe it out...your religion began in time & it will end in religion was always there when the universe began...and it will be there when the universe will be reborn again...

Christianity & Islam have always had this superiority about them that Jesus is right & Mohammed is right...while my religion preaches that all religions are equal...that is the beauty of my religion !!!

By the way...what do you have to say about the fact that Pagan religions all over the world are being revived ...there is a huge pagan Conference to be held in Lithuania ...the European country to be converted to Christianity & the process of returning to its Pagan (Hindu) roots has begun ...

By the way in Sanskrit (which everyone knows is the worlds oldest language...after all Hinduism is the worlds oldest Dharma ) there is a saying ‘Satyameva jayate’ - Truth always triumphs...

The decline of Christianity has know it very well don’t you - like I said Satyameva Jayate !!!

Santosh MISKIN

First, your religion is monism which was introduced by adi Sankara (about the 8th c AD) into Hinduism. Hinduism developed from 1st c AD Christianity but was later corrupted by syncretism. The evidence for this is in the dating of Sanskrit. Hinduism without its Christian essence is left with superstition, idolatry and philosophies without hope borrowed from other religions.

Satyameva Jayate

I have some advice for you:

1. Hinduism is a growing and vibrant religion and will remain so, no matter what your lame page says.

2. Your pathetic Spanish Inquisition mentality, won’t fly in this century. Go back to the middle ages and prosecute and convert some peasants.

3. India, after centuries of oppression, has thrown out its FOREIGN invaders and has no place for your intolerant, hillbilly shit.

4. GET A  xxxx LIFE!!!!!!


Dear watcher #73,

Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus. Those that walk in darkness have to hide from the Light. Yes unfortunately Hinduism without a Standard has become a prey to syncretism. However, the essence of Hinduism developed from Christianity, and without this what is left is superstition, idolatry and philosophies without hope borrowed from other religions.

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