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Hello, you might be Indian, you might not be. If you are ashamed of yourself, and have forgotten your culture, that is your own choice. I’ve read your responses...

As soon as you say something intelligent, you seem to say something stupid afterwards. Christ was a great man. He was God, just as he was not. His use of the word God can be compare to the Sanskrit Brahman (acc. of Brahma).

The duality which you seem to believe is so present, actually is. But is in turn one whole - Brahman. This duality disappears, as one becomes more enlightened. I am not at this level yet, far from it, but I know it to be true. Call it intuition of past lives...

You seem a very unhappy person. And unsure of yourself. Had you the confidence that you preach, you would not need to have this web site.

I wish to let you know that I am of one of the highest Brahmin caste.

What does this mean? In the eyes of God, we are the same.

In the eyes of man? I am not of the same race as you. I am of a different culture and heritage. Just as I am of a different race of a black man or a Chinese man.

In the end, when I die, and when you die, it won’t make one bloody difference how different we are from each other. I feel and pity the abuse that you have suffered at the hands of racist men.

May be that is why you take the vocation that you do. I read the ancient Upanishads with an understanding of my culture. I admire them in this way, and hold them sacred. You see them as an outsider, a text written by the dominating class.

Research this (since this seems to be the only thing you do):
Jesus was Jewish. Jesus disappeared during his young adulthood. When he returned, he was more enlightened. He had "godly" powers.

Yet his powers, are similar to many siddhis in India, and Chi-Gong masters in China. This knowledge seems to stem from a highly difficult knowledge which was held by very few: Brahmins (real Brahmins). These Brahmins, did not abuse the lower castes, or did not try to take advantage of their position to accumalate wealth and power. They studied and meditated to understand God - Existence.

Looking forward to your response.

P.S. If I see you in danger, or in need of help, I will help you. If you insult my honor, family or pose a threat, I will kill you. That is the way of my people. That is the essence of Karma Yoga. I am not an adherent of this system of belief, but I believe in it, as well as others.

Ash Sharma            

First there were no "brahmins" during the time of Jesus, and the significance of Sanskrit in Hinduism clearly shows that Hinduism syncretised from Christianity. Hence the inference that Christ was enlightened in India is nothing but foolish RSS/VHP propaganda without any scholarly basis. Brahmins birthed racism in the world, and such fanatics resort to violence lacking spiritual enlightenment and intelligence.

Christians, the Bible clearly states that faith in Jesus Christ is the only path of Salvation, and we need to boldly preach this since the redemption of mankind depends on this. However, with the development of major world religions today, we need to clearly show to the masses that He is the Only Way. Without Christ mans hope (like Ash Sharma) lies in the error of monism and the cycle of birth.

god is a figment of men imagination put together to gain wealth for the lay-people the only god that exist is in the brain of the sheep(s) who have no sense or direction of who and what they are so they want someone to lead them. In the understanding of who and what we are we should drop the concept of belief and faith and focus our perceptions of what we know, not what we think we know...just the facts please.

Atheists are the result of poor testimonies of close loved ones who are either Christians who do not practice what they preach, or are into some other man made religion.

Divine energy comes from the Great Cosmic Mother, ALL LIFE COMES FROM WOMB-MAN, yet on this planet beings worship male/men as a divine father...this is an oxymoron, because the word Divine is short for DEVA, FEMININE,DEVI a Sanskrit word that means deity.

This is Indian philosophy based on monism which is totally meaningless.


Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh!

You are a big bull shit like your german counterpart max muller. There are no aryans in India. We all hindus are from harappa civilization a great civilization of the world which was at its zenith during circa 5000 BC when white men ( europeans ) were wearing a leather loin. Ofcourse even till 1000 AD he was doing the same inspite of we indians giving him some culture indirectly. I can sense your fear about our great civilization, recent research in this area is clearly indicating that harappa dates back to atleast Circa 10000 BC and hindus are harappans and harappans are hindus.

You have indicated that Siva is jesus Christ‘s image. It is a big bullshit. You may not know an important time of Jesus christs life. Jesus was not seen to anybody for 10 years in his 20‘s. Where he as gone? You know!!!! He was in Srinagar learning Hinduism. You will get the proof if you read some other books except Bible. No Hindu will ever try to speak bad about the philosophy of other religions, but you mf‘s try to slander other religions. Why???? You are afraid. Ah!Ah!Ah!. Did you ever read Sanskrit? or are you perfect in atleast English. Any grown fool can learn English in 3 months. But it takes several years to learn sanskrit. If you have some common sense you can imagine its age.

Europeans were not christians before christ. Christianity spread from Asia ( Israel ) to Europe and other parts of the world. But it couldnt reach India for 1800 years Why?????. Then came British f‘s ruled India for 300 years tried to christianise Hindus. But couldnt. Why???????????? They could only convert some low class poor(here I feel ashamed of the people who misused hinduism, I accept. I am a sane human being) people by luring with money and wealth. If you are an indian your grandfather must be one of them.

I think i have enlightened you like jesus enlightend westerns some 2000 years back like krishna enlightened Harappan people some 10000 years back. But if you are still with your beliefs you are a bull shit and I think you will reborn as a pig for atleat next 100 lifes followed by atleast 1000000000000000000000 lifes to go to hell.

One final point to add is that if a person is extremely good he is a good.Hindus believe that and thats why hindus have many gods. We trust good people consider them as gods. Do you know? Some hindus prey Jesus christ and read bible, at the same time they are staunch followers of hinduism, they even prey Mohammed. Why?? thats the essence of hinduism. Saibaba, mother teresa, budda (budda is considered as one of the avatars of vishnu).Infact Jesus would have entered the list of avatars of vishnu provided ruthless britishers had not occupied India. If you are an Indian and if you are still not enlightened, White race is a bastard race and ruthless race. Maligned all the religions of the world. Wiped out many cultures of the world ( south American, African etc ). I am in US. I know the racism of this white bastards. If you come to US, leave the church for a while and leave outside, you will hate White fucking race. Did your Jesus taught this? Did Jesus asked to wipe out cultures of the world act beastly and wiped out a set of people and culture totally from earth ( red indians ), oppressing african americans like fucking shit ( more indignant than what upper castes in India did to lower castes, ofcourse this culture is totally wiped out from india now). Stop licking the asses of this white man, one fine day provided an opportunity is given they will screw all nonwhite christians and do the same thing they did to native americans and . Beware!!!!!!!!!

Hindus never hate other religions, never ask to follow their religion. If Hindus were like white pigs, all the people of the would have been Hindus by now.

One important lesson for you is if you want to preach christianity nobody will object, but if you slander other religions and say that christianity is superior, then only your christ can save you.

Remove your webpage

Hindu, the great

This illusion is due to the propaganda of organizations like the VHP that Hinduism is the mother of all religions. Of course let us heed the warning of scholars like Prof. Irfan Habib, an eminent historian, when interviewed by the Hindu (January 8th, 1997) said,

'Historical linguistics, inscriptions and the canons of archaeological excavations mean nothing to our friends in the VHP and the only thing that matters to them is working up religious sentiment.'

Could you please explain to my why you bash Hinduism??

Is speaking the Truth, bashing?

Christianity is not older than indian culture as you have stated. Christianity was not even what Jesus taught, Jesus taught Islam—freedom, justice, and equality.

Another emotional statement without evidence.

History is too precious a commodity to fool around with. Please do not mix history and selfish propaganda. Wishing you more wisdom in your pursuits. Viswanath

The salvation of one's soul is too precious a commodity to fool around with, please learn the TRUTH and make the right decisions for it.

wat are you trying to say. mahayana buddhism is based on chritianity. that’s bull shit! are you trying to say that jesus is all mighty one. buddhism came first than christianty and islam. maybe christianity itself copied buddhism and a form a new religon. and to islam, jesus is just a prophet!

Hinayana Buddhism came first and there was no room for the concept of God in it and man had to achieve his own salvation. The writings of  Hinayana are in Pali. Under the impact of Christianity, Hinayana developed into Mahayana and the writings of Mahayana are in Sanskrit.

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