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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thank you for your website, it has been a wonderful source of knowledge for me and has helped me witness to several Hindu students on campus. Christians need to learn more about Hinduism because the immigration of Indians to the U.S. since the early 1970’s provides yet another opportunity for us to share our faith with our fellow human beings. Also, Christians need to be aware that the "New Age" philosophies, which are creeping into some Churches, are nothing more that old lies wrapped in a new package. I have also noticed, by reading some of the responses that you have received, some common fallacies made by Hindus when they discuss Christianity.

1. Western = Christian
Some Hindus (as well as others) claim that Christianity is a religion of racism and brutality because many western nations have committed these sins. This statement incorrectly assumes that anyone born, or living, in a western country, or anyone with a western name, is automatically a Christian. A Christian is a person who has a personal relationship with God through, and only through, accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and living according to His teachings which teach love for all people - no one is a Christian by birth or by default.

2. Hitler was a Christian
This completely absurd. Hitler did not even pretend to profess any Christian ideas or use any Christian vocabulary or symbols, in fact, his goal was to rid Germany of the Christian faith. Incidentally, he did call his people Aryans and adopted the swastika as the national emblem! Hitler once said that the Aryans (Germans) were Aryans before Christianity came and they will Aryans after it is gone.

3. Christianity is declining/dying
Numbers do not prove the truth of the Christian faith, however, the prophecies of the Old Testament and their fulfillment by Jesus do! Contrary to what some may think, Christianity is alive and well and growing. Between 1934-1994, the number of Christians in the world increased by 1300 percent (from 40 million to 540 million in the last 60 years), while the world’s population grew only 400 percent. In 1900, 3% of all Africans were Christians compared 45% today; Christians were a tiny minority in South Korea 40 years ago but a nearly the majority today; and, there may be as many as 100 million Christian converts in China today!

4. The nature of man and the teachings of religions Hindus tend to ignore the sinful nature of man as well as the flaws in their own history and world view. The sins of bigotry and prejudice existed, and continue to exist, in many societies. I often hear Hindus (always upper caste Hindus) repeat the claim that Hinduism is tolerant and democratic - which it is not. However, one important thing to remember when we discuss Christianity and Hinduism is that if someone demonstrates bigotry against another human being, he is acting against the teachings of Jesus Christ. If a Hindu shows bigotry towards a member of the "lower castes", he is doing so in accordance with the teachings and traditions of Hinduism.

Keep of the good work and God Bless you and bless other through your work,


Thanks for the good word and encouragement.

I had recently come across your website but did not find a link to post my opinion and thus here I am writing to you. I was indeed very disappointed with information on your website. To be sincere, your website is a good instrument to promote racism. Well, you seem to be holding Hindus responsible for the conversions that Christian missioneries promote in countries like India. Let me tell you the truth.

I am a Hindu woman who was brought up in a well moraled Hindu family. However, my parents sent me to a school run by christian missioneries under the impression that the standard of education is high in such schools. But, I realised very soon that these institutions were a media of promoting the christian religion in India and were least interested in providing education. The term "education" was always a second priority in this school. Every morning we were "forced" to attend an assembly service where we were taught to pray. The teachers at the school punished the students severely for not attending the prayer service and named it as an act of discipline. I do not say that praying is wrong but being a hindu I was always trained by my parents to worship early in the morning. Dont you think this the severe punishments by the teachers (christianity promoters) is nothing but a way of imposing rules on people to follow one particular religion. Through out my education I came across numerous incidences where students were asked to get bapatised. In fact, I was punished severly by my teacher for spelling the name of Christ as "Gesus" instead of "Jesus". This is when I was 8 years old. After 17 years I still remember the face of that teacher and the reason for which I was punished so severly. It was an act of ignorance, ignorance of not knowing the spelling correctly. But, the same was related to religious elements and students were punished unnecessarily.

If you have to promote christianity then you do not have to take such sinful way of achieving your goal. I grew up with knowledge of both Hiinduism and Christianity and I greatly appreciate both the religions for their teachings..But, I really pity you people who go to such extremes of cheating yourself to promote the religion. Look into yourself this is not what Christ wanted from you . So, please learn better and try and respect every religion. I am happy today my Children are not under the influence of people like you..But, I wonder how long I can save them from people like you.

Thank  you,

Greetings. I was deeply moved by your email. I am truly sorry for the way you have been treated by so called "christians" in the past. Christianity is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which is achieved by free choice and not coercion. Any form of manipulation or coercion is wrong. Kindly view my page on "Mark of a Christian"

There are two objectives to my web site,

    1. To show Christ as the Only Way of salvation for all mankind and the Bible as God’s only Standard
    2. To expose the roots of racism & casteism, and bring equality into our society

You have expressed strong criticisms and I welcome them. Please expand on your comments since in the present email you have expressed an overall feeling.

Congratulations for your excelent website!!! I bumped into it—by accident? No, I’d much rather believe it was God who led me here.

I am a 30-year old Mexican Christian. I have known Jesus for over two years now. Let me explain why I happened by your site.

Riding on Mexico City’s subway, I met a man all dressed in white. I started talking to him—intending to give him a Gospel tract and may be bring him to Jesus—and it turned out he was a Hinduist. He then went on to say that the Bible had been altered—falsified was the word--, that Christ had lived in India, where He learned Aramaic (!), and that Christianity was somehow a spinoff of Hinduism. He shocked me a little, I must admit, when he mentioned there is "a town close to Calcutta where Aramaic is spoken to this day". I decided to do some research of my own. I wrote "Aramaic India" on Altavista’s search engine and voila! I found your site.

I praise God and thank Him for leading me into your site. Some of the stuff is outright preposterous—as I have had a chance to confirm in your site. However, can I count on you to further dispell my doubts?

Also—should you care to know--, I must confess that it my first two years of Christian walk have been disastrous—but the Lord, through my wife and many friends, appears to have had mercy upon me and is beginning to show me a way out my previous confusion. I find that I have been more of a Pharisee than of a Christian. Prayers are welcome to help me come to really know the Only Savior of mankind. Pray also that He will make me His true disciple.

Again, congrats—and sorry for a protracted letter. God bless you and your ministry, brother.


Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, I was greatly blessed. We do not always know what happens in the lives of our visitors and it was such a blessing to read your email. Since you have realized the difference between the multitudes that followed Jesus and His disciples, you will certainly find the plan that God has for you. Also you have a wonderful wife to assist you.

I don’t know if you have read it, but I found that the early Christian work, The Shepherd of Hermas, was truly helpful in my understanding of what the early disciples felt living as a Christian entailed. For me, it was inspiring to read the part where the angel tells the shepherd (after the shepherd said doing all these things is impossible) that it is impossible for man, but not for God. And that if you already believe it is impossible, then and only then, have you made it impossible (ie. lack of faith in God’s omnipotence and love). So, when Christians now use the excuse that no one can be what Jesus asked of us so He must not have meant it literally, it shows not only a lack of faith, but a complete misunderstanding of the Scriptures (which for some is due to wishing it to be easier and for some because they believe what they are told and do not try to know God personally and so rely on only what others say - some cause they think that is right cause their church says so and some cause it is easier to do so).

At any rate, Hermas is really interesting and lays to rest any doubt that less is expected of a true Christian today or that nothing much was expected of one from the beginning. Like I told my husband, lately I have come to understand that being Christian is first for God to accomplish His plans as He has shown us the correct plans and path (Jesus gave us a complete map for establishing the community of believers and obviously His map is the one we must adhere to, not our own shortcuts) and that this path is not easy. But in the perfection that is God’s plan and in His eternal Love for us, when you start walking the path, He helps you and as you grow more steady on your feet, it is Good to be there. God’s plan showed us the way to Him. And nothing is more joyous, more loving, more perfect - nothing can make man’s life meaningful or truly peaceful than following His directions. It is the only Way - literally.

I personally become terribly saddened by churches today. They are not the fellowship of believers, the community of God’s servants that Jesus described. His Church was not about rituals, vestments, buildings, church boards, etc. His Church is a way of life. A communion of souls. Which needs to grow to become a beacon of his Light that will shine so brightly it will attract His lost children and guide them home. I was happy to find someone who seems to see this message, too. Thanks.


Excellent thoughts, thanks.

Your site is an excellent way to present the truth to the Hindian (Hindu+Indians) people who were fed poison from ages that the stone gods are going to rescue them. Hinduism doesn't talk about the real problems of human kind, it is all left to ones Karma !!! what a pity. Your site comes handy spreading the word of God the Truth, and the Salvation, I like your point of standing in the GAP, be interceptors for the mankind in the last days.

Love you sir, excellent and God bless you abundantly in your work. Is it OK if I set up a link from my site to yours and also use the RSS manifesto, to expose their evil traits.


Certainly, and thanks for the encouragment.

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